About Us

About Us

Thomas Coffee Makers (Thomas Engineering Solutions LLC.) has constructed a world of intelligence, experience, taste, science, and art around the pleasure of a perfect cup of coffee. Thomas coffee makers offer coffee preparation machines, spare parts, and accessories.

We’re firm believers in the power of giving. Whether it’s convenience, support, service, or advice – we know that giving is essential. It’s the reason why we offer so much extra with your new appliance, and it’s the reason why 85 percent of our customers actively recommend us to friends and family.

Our delivery reaches 75% of all the world from our several warehouse’s locations. At Thomas Coffee Makers Online, we’re forever saying yes in a world that says no – even if that means rebelling against conventions.

We love our customers, and our customers love us. Whenever we’re challenged to deliver solutions that go above and beyond, our answer is always the same:

The secret to a delicious home-made coffee is the quality of the coffee maker, At Thomas Coffee Makers our passion is coffee, which is why we proudly stock a wide range of extraordinarily well-built coffee makers.

We believe it’s one customer, one experience at a time. It’s the reason why we tailor our experience around you. In-depth information, the right advice, and always-available support are all here to make sure your needs are met. And because 85% of our customers actively promote our business to their friends and family, we instinctively understand that you are the most important aspect of our business.

Coffee is a serious matter. Because it is both a science and an art. Coffee is also a complex affair, Thomas Coffee Makers anticipate home needs and the innovative functionality and design of its wide range of coffee makers and all kind of accessories as a one-stop-shop.



To delight, all those who appreciate beauty and flavor worldwide with the best coffee nature can offer, enhanced by the best of technology and art, and by providing them with all their needs for a good cup of coffee as a one stop shop.





Thomas company aims to improve quality of life through ethics and excellence: ethics as the creation of long-term value through transparency, sustainability, and personal growth; and excellence as a passion for quality, beauty, and constant improvement.

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