Espresso Machines, Coffee Makers, Coffee Grinders

Enjoy coffee in the comfort of your own home with the help of an espresso machine. They come in many varieties and you can choose from automatic, capsule or lever machines. Popular coffee-making equipment also include moka pots, French presses and percolators. See which device will suit your needs the best.

Coffee Machines and Presses – 7 Different Ways to Brew Coffee

From a wide variety of coffee makers and percolators, you can choose something that fits your habits perfectly. There are fully automated coffee machines or devces that are much more hands on.

  1. Automatic coffee makers not only grind the coffee beans and prepare them into a heated cup with milk foam, but after the end of the program, it clean itself with steam nozzles.
  2. Coffee capsule machines will save you the trouble of grinding and preparing coffee. Put the capsule into the slot, adjust the amount of water and press the button to start the process.
  3. Lever coffee makers will be especially appreciated by experienced coffee lovers. The final result of espresso machines is the same as for automatic coffee makers, it just requires more work. Grind the coffee, portion it into the lever, and dump the grinds and rinse the lever when finished.
  4. French presses will make you a strong cup of joe with a distinctive taste. It’s created by using a piston attached to a filter, and the filter is pushed down, capturing the coffee grinds. We recommend using coarsely ground coffee for a french press.
  5. Moka pots are available as either an electric stand-alone appliance or for the stovetop. The volume of the contianer is listed according to the number of cups prepared.
  6. Drip coffee makers; their essence lies in the hot water that is poured over medium to fine-grouned coffee in a filter. Various aromatic components of the coffee are released as the coffee cools.

Milk Frothers

If you do not have a percolator with a built-in steam jet at home, you can still make delicious lattes and cappuccinos with a simple milk frother. Choose from two options – electric or manual.

  • Electric milk frothers prepare cappuccino and latte foams. They are easy to operate and fast to produce foam. The milk should be heated, which makes frothing easier.
  • Manual milk frothers take more elbow grease. Although a manual frother is more demanding, the price is lower than for electric ones. You can heat the milk while frothing on the stove.

Coffee Grinders

Both electric and manual coffee grinders allow you to adjust the grinding coarse and the amount of ground coffee.

  • Electric coffee grinders can be used not only to grind coffee beans, but also nuts, herbs and poppy seed.
  • Manual coffee grinders are cheaper and are more suitable for grinding a small amount of coffee, or if you want to be very hands-on.

Coffee and Capsules

Quality coffee can greatly influence the overall taste of what’s in the cup. Choose from several kinds of beans, grounds, instant and capsule coffees.

  • Coffee beans retain their aroma for a long time, but it is necessary to grind them before use.
  • Ground coffee is ready for immediate use, but will not maintain its aroma and intense flavour for long periods of time.
  • Instant coffee is 100% soluble and it only needs to be warmed with hot water. The aroma and taste of the coffee varies.
  • Capsule coffee offers a mix of different types of coffee, but also cocoa and tea. To use it, you need a special machine, like a Nespresso or Dolce Gusto.

Accessories for Coffee Makers

To make coffee, you can use a variety of accessories and we don’t only mean cups and coffee spoons, but there are exotic coffee makers and demineralizers to keep your device running smoothly. Maintaining a coffee maker will not only influence the preparation of coffee but also its taste.

  • Degreasers and cleaners remove build-ups and dangerous bacteria.
  • Coffee filters help to prevent the formation of scale.
  • Mugs and cups come in interesting designs with varying volumes and can be used for all kinds of coffee.